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Koçlar Otomotiv

In the automotive and machinery sector, since 1960s by being transfered from father to son, the company has been operaion in the factory within the area of 1.700 square meters in Konya,

Our company adopts the quality management system with its engineers, technicians and experienced amployees who fallow and use today's technological possibilites and produces various parts in the automotive sector. Our company started as an OEM supplier to Tumosan Tractor Company in 1992, and started to manufacture all differential system parts and parts made from metals such as steel forging, casting and aluminium, ISO 9001:2008 quality management system is used in our company and it will bring our production to a fast and high quality level by giving better service to our customers in accordance with our quality policy and reflecting the use of technological opportunities to production activities.

All our products and services are to increase the satisfaction of our cutomers by producing in accordance with customer demands and qality standards in accordance with the quality standards in an efficient and aconomical way with a constantly developing quality management, customer focused understanding, common participation of our employees and suppliers.

In order to meet customer needs, we are aware that the process of transferring and controlling raw meterials from the manufacturing stage to the final production of the parts and the information related to them from the source to the point where they are consumed should be handled by the managers at all levels.